Young Jeezy arrested




News broke today that rapper, Young Jeezy was arrested last Friday, January 3 for a dispute with his 17-year old son, Jarius. Reportedly, Jeezy who’s real name is Jay Wayne Jenkins threatened to kill his son. This transpired after a argument and Jarius getting into the face of his father. It was reported by TMZ , so you know their looking for some type of headline to make it interesting.

Jeezy has denied threatening to kill his son. The altercation happen in September 2012 and Jeezy is just getting arrested for it, it all seems rather peculiar. Jeezy has since been released after posting $45,000 bond.

Jeezy says his son is being brainwashed by his mother, Tenesha Dykes to try to get more money out him.


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