HHM Exclusive: Ro$hi – “Queen Lachiefa”


Queen. La.Chief.a

Who said Atlanta lost their soul? New comer, Ro$hi’s new single Queen Lachiefa has that absent sound of soul that has become a lost art in southern hip hop. No turn up here, Ro$hi displays his love for a special female and marijuana all in one song. This special girl put him on to the leaf and he keeps her on a pedestal. This bond between him and Queen of Chiefin’ is not as healthy as it seems…

Read more about Ro$hi the artist here:

Ro$hi is 1/2 of the north side Atlanta rap group FreeRefyllz along with his counterpart, Bo$tick are just starting to get their feet wet in the hip hop scene.

Contact FreeRefyllz:

Email: terrencesmith3333@yahoo.com

Twitter Username:

https:// Twitter.com/JiveAhhRoshi
http:// Twitter.com/FreeRefyllz
http:// Twitter.com/40ozhippe

Soundcloud: http://m.soundcloud.com/freexrefyllz/queen-lachiefa

“I mean, Honestly I think she got to me and ironically/ she’s from Kansas City explains why she a chiefer”

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    Dope Ass Track