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Hip Hop is being pulled in all different directions today. You have the south still big as ever, the West new sound dominating and New York quietly making a stand. Where are the female rappers in the mist of this? You have a never ending beef between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj, which really isn’t helping either sides, just a waste of energy. It’s seems like females must sell off how fat their ass is or the sexual content in their music. Underneath all this bullshit you have a great emcee rising named, Rapsody. Her new EP Beauty And The Beast is out and every self proclaimed “Hip Hop Head” should be taking notice.



‘Her presence makes us all vulnerable’



Beauty And The Beast embodies the title. The beautiful woman in front of you is about to transform into a lyrical indescribable beast. I had to ask myself a couple times while just hearing the intro, “How is this so good?”. “Feel It” hits you directly in your chest with total disregard. Just bar after bar aiming at the industry:




“I skip on water/ I skate on ice/ So if hell froze over than I’ll still be nice/ Got a advice for gambling life, lay down the dice/ you’ll find yourself hooked up to device like, beep beep/ that’s a weak beat, your good for that/ got the rules of fame confused with the rules of rap”




She clearly shows the fangs of her animal ambition in the introduction. You get to know Rapsody a little more on “Who I Am” as she talks about a lost generation. “Recognize who you are”. The production 9th Wonder has done on this project is simply amazing, for instance; “Hard To Choose”. He gives a vibrant soulful beat for Rapsody to drop soul inflicting words:



“Cause I love all races, but we gotta raise em/ cause I know the scale tipped ain’t in no black girls favor/ And y’all, we all outcast these black girls favor, the blonde barbie is scars, we all gotta save em/ No Love Lost for White’s, Latinos or the Asian’s/ Loyal to all, but when I look in these black girls faces I understand why I chose to be better not basic”


She makes black women as a whole take a look at themselves and questions the perfect image.


The weak moments rarely come during Beauty And The Beast. The crazy thing is the weak moments still has it’s great moments. Gotta take the good with the bad, right? The weak point with “Drama” would have to be just the beat selection. It brings the album to a more uptempo mood but the rhymes are STILL on point. The album returns to it’s sweet spot with, “Waiting On It (Baby Girl)”. Rapsody attacks Hip Hop with, “Godzilla”. She displays why she should be seen as a beast. The best part of this track is the 2nd song within.


“Like D Rose with new knees I’m back on point, no joke”

Rapsody speaks to so many situations that’s accruing in minority neighborhoods all over America on, “The Man”. It’s a story about how young black men are forced into becoming a man in their youth. She gives you an insightful look into the downfall of black men. The second track that comes at the end, Rapsody bares all and teaches self worth.



“Shower and devour stress, I chose a weird dress today, I got small breast but I love me, but I love me/ do you Love me, do you love me?/ he says yes he does, I’m his everything/ I don’t think love is in a wedding ring, it’s a business and I hear both sides lose interest/ what’s endless has an ending and I’m thinking damn, is this, me and you one day, you and me one day?/ I don’t wanna fade away”


Every one is self conscious and she’s not the first to admit it (Kanye was, ha). One of the gems throughout the album comes with, “Coming For You”. She simply displays why the legendary Nas said she has a blessed flow.

The project ends with “Forgive Me (I’m Sorry)”. Rapsody returns to her beauty form and apologizes for the destruction she has caused.



“I apologize I rap over heads/ for being so classic, forgive me/ for making it look so easy, I’m sorry I don’t care about TV”




The last song is a contradiction of her. She’s apologizes for all the things that make her great, what makes her, Rapsody. “I’m sorry I’m so great, that most of y’all won’t relate”. In actuality she’s making Hip Hop look in the mirror. Why don’t great artists get the shine they deserve? Ask yourself as a fan.


“I’m sorry yall walk around looking coonish to be a star/ And you wearing medium when you really need extra large/ Just to fit in, I’m sorry, I’m offending, I got these bars/ Sorry, I’m not nominated for BET awards/ When you be E.T. they alienate themselves from all your star power”

This project puts the way Hip Hop looks at female rappers in perspective. Why are female rappers based on their appearance? What about their talent? Sure Rapsody is pretty but, that’s not what she puts in the forefront, she puts her music. Showing that Hip Hop is sexist. If you’re a self proclaimed ‘Hip Hop Head’ and like a Nicki Minaj or Iggy Azalea and don’t listen to Rapsody, ask yourself, why?


“Sorry, I’m so classy, I don’t come up out this bra/ I don’t have to, I’m so raw”




Production: 8.5
Concept: 9
Overall Rating: 9



Purchase the album HERE





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