HHM Exclusive: Stoni – “Good2U” (Official Video)


In Hip-Hop today we have a void of good female emcees. Female emcees have been hit with a stigma of only being a sex symbol and lacking actual talent. That is why someone like, Stoni is refreshing, she has the look to match her talent and with the sample of Janet Jackson’s “Anytime, Anyplace” providing the the platform, Stoni has won. Watch below:

Hailing from Oakland, CA Stoni started writing rhymes at the age of 9. Heavily influenced by  the culture she knew she wanted to pursue a career in it. Constantly writing poetry and rhymes until high school graduation when she up and moved to LA to join a girl group. After working under names such as James Fauntleroy for 8 months the girl group ended. After the split Stoni started putting all her focus into her music and solo career, from recording songs in her living room and putting them online to attending The Musicians Institute and networking. After a few ups and down and constantly working on her craft she is ready to present her sound to the world.  Stoni is currently working on her debut EP ‘Exhale’

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