HHM Exclusive: Major Stage Presents: #RespectTheComeUp Featuring: Apontay, WordSpit, Zeuss, OG Canva$, Charlie Cruz, Al-Lon, L’ego Motif, E.i, Highstar, Flea Geechi, Everyday Sunny & Ave Campbell


HHM and ERUP was in the building this pass Wednesday for Major Stage’s underground showcase, #RespectTheComeUp. There was a lot of talent in the building and we caught all the footage for those that couldn’t make to see all the rising talent coming out of the east coast. Check out each performance and let us who you think will be the next to blow:

Apontay & WordSpit Live @ ClubPyramid:

Zeuss Live @ ClubPyramid:

OG Canva$ Live @ ClubPyramid:

The Real Charlie Cruz Live @ ClubPyramid:

AL-LON Live @ ClubPyramid:

L’ego Motif Live @ ClubPyramid:

E.i Live @ ClubPyramid: https://youtu.be/c6wz3QePhAg

Highstar Live @ ClubPyramid:

Flea Geechi Live @ ClubPyramid:

Everyday Sunny Live @ ClubPyramid:

Ave Campbell  Live @ ClubPyramid:

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