Sample Saturday: Coolio Takes From Stevie Wonder


Artis Leon Ivey jr, but we know his as Coolio. The 90’s rap star with the crazy braids penned one of his most successful tunes “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Released in 1995 went on to win a Grammy, and featured on the soundtrack to screen film “Dangerous Minds.” If you know your music, then you probably recognized Stevie Wonder’s “Pastime Paradise.” The popularity of the song got the attention of popular parody star “Weird Al Yankovic,” In which caused him to release his own version. Sample Saturday here is both versions plus a bonus of weird al’s parody.

Stevie Wonder “Pastime Paradise”
Producer: Stevie Wonder

Coolio “Gangsta’s Paradise”
Producer: Doug Rahseed

Weird Al Yankovic “Amish Paradise”
Producer: Weird Al Yankovic



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