Heater Of The Week: Banks Sinatra Feat. Cyann – “Cant Get It Right” (Audio)

Some of us are in relationships and don’t know why y’all “Can’t Get It Right” but the love keeps you there. Banks Sinatra brings tthe male point of view while Cyann brings the female prospective. Get this banger below:

  • Artist Bio:

Deriving from a rap monicker used by a fellow New York recording Artist Vado, Banks Sinatra, hails from South Side Jamaica Queens. Banks Sinatra provides his listeners with a versatile blend of sounds backed by soulful samples, strong lyrics and solid hooks. Although hes mostly known for his lyricism and compelling content , Sinatra has managed to step out of his element as of late to produce a variety of tracks showcasing some vocals and catchy melodies. As he gears up for the first quarter release of his debut project “The Essence Tape” Sinatra continues to showcase his ever so improving songwriting skills. The New York Hip Hop scene has been longing for a artist with the kind of versatility Banks Sinatra displays and it seems as if it wont be long before he’s leading the music scene in Queens.

Connect with Banks Sinatra:



– HHM 

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