Video: Tay-K – “The Race” (Official Video)

Most people are just hearing about 17 year old rapper Tay-K for his street banger “The Race” which already has 12 million views on YouTube. Check out the video and story below:

Tay-K has been famous for only a few weeks, but has emerged as the most controversial teenage rapper this year. Tay-K, whose real name is Taymor McIntyre, is facing a capital murder charge at only 17 years old.

If convicted of capital murder, Tay-K could face life imprisonment or worse – the death penalty.

Criminal Defense Attorney Christy Jack explained the difference between a capital murder trial and a murder trial in Texas.

“A jury is determined whether or not an individual is guilty of the crime they’re charged with,” Jack said. “The differences begin in the punishment phase. In the punishment phase for the regular felony case, a jury is given a range of punishment. It can include anywhere from probation all the way up to as much as life in prison. What’s different about that in a capital murder case, is that the jury is given questions, and the way in which those questions are answered determines whether or not an individuals receives a life sentence or a death sentence. Simply put, the two most basic questions are: number one, whether an individual would constitute a future danger, and number two, is there any reason worthy of sparing their life.”

Via KollegeKidd

– HHM 

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